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Giving from the Heart - Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

by T.K. Richardson

Publisher - Chamberton Publishing

Category - Religion

Many Christians may struggle with finding their calling in life. Perhaps the dream you once had about serving the Lord and spreading the Word has slipped away, a casualty of a busy life, a family who constantly needs you, and a job that is a necessity because it pays the bills. You may not even know if the Lord still has a call for your life. The truth is He still does and it’s a call that is universal for his children and something that you can do right now. One thing to remember is that God’s call and plan for you is irrevocable and he still wants you to follow your dreams. However, if you’re not sure what your calling is then this little book can help you. The Lord wants each of us to do three things: love him with all of our hearts, love others, and spread the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ. These are acts every Christian is called to do – even you! So, if you’re not sure where to start or what to do to accomplish these important life missions then open the pages of Giving from the Heart and join with others who are quietly and joyfully reaching others for Jesus.

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